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About us

Working for highly innovative and professional organisations is part of our DNA and we understand how strong leadership across the strategic, technical, commercial and deployment aspects of MMC delivery, can make a big difference to your business and also to the many stakeholders involved with your business and in this industry.

Ottersbrook is a multi-disciplined MMC/Offsite consultancy offering a plethora of value adding services to support your needs, whether a manufacturer, end client or government agency. Our sole purpose is to ensure that your aspirations are fully delivered with the highest level of competency, dedication and quality of delivery.

We work to the highest standards controlling risk and opportunity, whilst bringing you the most up to date R&D insight, to ensure an effective and sustainable delivery of the final proposition. We can and do provide many services for board, senior management and delivery teams to ensure a continuous flow of task and finish control. We look forward to working with you whatever your objective.

Our skills

Ottersbrook consultants have been working within the MMC System and Off-site modular industry for well over 30 years. As significant leaders of development in the construction products manufacturing sector with strong and respected relationships with government, regulatory and certification bodies, the Ottersbrook team can fast-track your project(s) and reduce both risk and costs. Our skills are considerable built over many years of ‘coalface’ activity and strategic management. Our delivery promise has been tried and tested by many of the successful organisations now offering products and services to this industry in most of the government’s MMC Definition Framework categories.

Typical clients we have assisted and continue to support in many areas are:  BoKlokTopHatModulousNichiha,  The Off-site Homes Alliance, and many more. We also work very closely with NHBC, BOPAS, BBA, Lucideon, Element (Exova), (Warrington Fire), Efectis (to name a few), for development purposes and other stakeholders such as Homes England and MHCLG to continually offer our clients the best chance of success in their rollout strategies, to manage the risks and opportunities in this evolving landscape.

Our services

An example of some of the areas we specialise in (but not exhaustive) are:

  • Strategic direction and business process improvement
  • Team building and development workshops (for effective project management)
  • Network engagement and synergy development insights/plans
  • Representation on influential policy changes or industry developments
  • Compliance management (e.g. LABC, NHBC etc)
  • Integrated management system support (quality control and business process)
  • Technology ‘system and business process manual’ development
  • Product development and test programme management
  • Certification (e.g. NHBC Accepts, BOPAS, Checkmate, BBA etc)
  • Warranty provision guidance and site inspections
  • Factory inspections and improvement plans
  • Audit processes (with or without the certification bodies)
  • Report writing and expert witness statements
  • New entrant support into the UK MMC/Offsite sector.

Our focus

What you can expect from Ottersbrook is a significant focus on your brand and vision as we integrate with your culture, to ensure a smooth process of delivery. We also work with an exceptional group of collaborators and organisations as part of our network. We offer the assurance of a risk free delivery, and a guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with our service towards achieving your goals, just the way you want. Our focus on your aspiration will be significant to your success due to our strict procedures to ensure nothing is left out of the process we operate.

Ottersbrook can work with your existing team(s), or take the focus away from them and your business, allowing your resource to concentrate on the day to day business as usual activities, while we manage your expectations to the highest possible level, on time and within budget. We also boast a significant set of strategic tools to ensure effective process delivery, such as Hoshin Kanri, Blue Ocean and 4DX techniques to name a few.

Please ask for references if you need further evidence of our values and commitment to your needs. We would ask for the same thing ourselves to build our own trust in the network in which we operate. We can provide references for you from many CEOs/MDs, board directors and external stakeholder agencies in the MMC and Offsite industry.

Technology Deployment

Ottersbrook specialises in all types of technology development support whether Timber, Steel, Concrete, Insulated panels or a range of composite materials acting as one. In fact composite design is an area most covered within the Ottersbrook team leading up to volumetric module design and engineering. It would be quite unusual for a client to want support in any given area, and for us not to be ready with a significant amount of added value support at Ottersbrook, and for us not to be ready to see your business excel very quickly.

However, understanding and working with the intricacies of the technology itself, is only the start of the journey and it is vitally important that the holistic business understands its role and responsibilities, if a proposition is to be successful in the MMC/Offsite arena, in front of a plethora of influential stakeholders. This is very often the area where a lot of organisations do not plan for, as part of their roll out strategy.

Ottersbrook can therefore, conduct a thorough evaluation of where risks and opportunities lie to ensure an effective delivery of your proposition without any pitfalls, as is often the case. No matter where you are on your development or deployment strategy, we can support at any stage and at any level. If the service you require is to provide a risk assessment or an evaluation report from outside of the manufacturing environment, then this can also be provided to avoid any short, medium or long term decision making risks, as an investor or agency looking at the options outside of the manufacturing process.


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