Mike's Support Page - Kunchowk VDC-2 Village, Kotdanda (Nepal).

Recently a friend of mine introduced me to a campaign he has been working on since the disastrous earthquake in Nepal back in April 2015. However, he has been a friend of this village for many years, getting to know the villagers on his travels. The sad thing is that the earthquakes are still happening (earthquake stats here) with many aftershocks (often large) since the massive quake on 25th April 2015. His work is now saving lives and helping people in desperate circumstances. His name is Simon Watkinson, a well respected professional photographer and lecturer, but he is also an extremely conscientious and fiercely driven humanitarian. During his explanation about what is happening and how difficult it is to actually get aid to these families (mostly women and children now the men have left looking for money to help), I decided that it has never been a better time for me to help. You only live once, and I feel blessed that I can actually make this choice and to ask my family, friends and colleagues to help too. Our guide there will be Madhav Lama, who lives in the village affected and who will be helping us to get the aid where it needs to go. I have shared some images of the earthquake disaster(s) below, without giving too much insight into the desperation that really exists. Spot the 2 celebrities!

Thank you so much for your time and for hopefully supporting me with this fundraising activity. The Just Giving logo below will now take you to the donation page. If you want to discuss this in more detail, please use the email link or phone number below too. Mike Ormesher (October 2016).