Product Innovation enhanced with Structural Engineering Excellence supported with Intelligent Marketing

Product Innovation

With over 25 years of Product Development control our technical staff will assist you through the maze of Legislative and Regulatory conditions and take you from the Red Ocean of Hyper-Competition into Blue Oceans of high margin.

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Accreditation Approval

With our authoritative experience and close collaboration with regulators and accreditors such as BRE, BBA, NHBC etc, we will assure you of a strategic and thorough control over your route to market and successful product launch.

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Engineering Support

Our in-house Structural Engineers will ensure that not only will your product excel in terms of product performance built in during the development phase, but we will also ensure that your projects are value engineered to maximise the full potential of your product.

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Marketing Intelligence

Finally we will support you through the many complexities of Marketing Intelligence from Research, Pricing, Placement, Promotion and Service Marketing. Our own services also expand to Web Development and SEO Strategies.

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Welcome to Ottersbrook Design Consultants

At Ottersbrook we have a variety of skills to enable your product development and onsite support initiatives to succeed. Product development and technical support can drain resources within the lean organisation so with a partner like Ottersbrook, you can be assured of an expert and well connected network of people that will see your ideas flourish and accepted by the supply chain and distribution network (if applicable). Whatever your idea or project, why not call or email us to see how we can value engineer your ideas or existing products and help you to engage with numerous personnel within the industry just waiting for the next value added product or system to hit the market. We would love to assist you in fastracking them to the market.

We use many tools to get to the bottom of your organisational needs and corporate intelligence by tasking employees and management to offer up ideas and also bottlenecks in NPD and Technical support whereby we can then truly innovate with or for you. Tools such as Hoshin Kanri, Blue Ocean Strategy and others can successfully extract the most hidden energies that result in innovational strategies. Often it is just time and attention to detail that results in the outcome, but the rewards are often worth the effort to stay ahead of your competition! However, we do not hide behind consultant speak or fanciful systems that drag out the process. We simply use good tools with a simple approach and spend the rest of our efforts getting on with the job in hand, making you money.